Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Akukwo nke di m II

Dear you,

I am back again.
I don't know what triggered this feeling. But tonight i miss you like really bad....
God spoke a few months ago. He said you were here NOW!
For some reason, i can't see you yet but i know He never lies.
Thanks for being here.
Thanks for responding to the call of God.
Thanks for everything you are (and will be)
Thanks for letting me be your better half.
Thanks for letting me be your helpmate.
Thanks for loving me - flaws and all!
Thanks for loving me the way only you can.

God says you are here.
so i speak to you as though you are here.
you are blessed.
Your territory is blessed.
You are the seed of Abraham therefore the Lord is your shield and exceeding great reward!
Your finances are blessed!
Your body is blessed.
The children that will come from you are blessed!

i love you so much it hurts that my physical eyes cannot see you.
my prayer is that these days of waiting will serve their purpose.
to refine me. to make me into that woman that God has ordained me to be.
i fall and fail every once and again but He picks me up again and again....

i wish you were home on Friday when i watched a man being crushed to death!
i thought of you for some reason.
I wished you were there.
Just to allow me be weak.
Just to allow me cry in your arms....

God says you are here.
i believe Him.
He never lies.
Thank you. Thank you for being my testimony!
Thank you for being the man of my dreams!
Thank you for not coming until NOW.
Thank you cos when my physical eyes eventually catch up with my spiritual, then i would love you for all eternity!

i miss you!

Love always,
nwunye gi.


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